function onOpen() { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var menuEntries = [ {name: "Count all reservations, even without confirmation / denial", functionName: "countall"}, {name: "Recheck the gauges of confirmed places only (no alert mail) ", functionName: "countconf"}, {name: "Send all confirmations and/or denials", functionName: "sendconf"}, {name: "Printing of the daily lists (automatically clears the previous)", functionName: "list"}, {name: "Delete printed listings", functionName: "delsheets"}, ]; var techmenu = [ {name: "Initial data settings", functionName: "initialdata"}, {name: "Initialise result display with data from first answer", functionName: "initial"}, {name: "Remove unnecessary rows & columns on main sheet", functionName: "cleanup"}, ]; ss.addMenu("Booking Utilities",menuEntries);// custom menu ss.addMenu("Technical functions",techmenu);// custom menu for initialisition and tech tasks }